Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fin Box August 30, 2010

*Tom Petty, First Flash of Freedom* on the radio. Second beer in hand. My Krazy krauzen Grand Crux. Well it's Georges recipe from Homesweet HOmebrew. Good stuff. I need to get some of this beer to my dad's co-workers. I will make them a package of brewskis.

OK, I won't give you the dimensions of the box that gets routered out for the fin box to be epoxied into it, but will go over the process. First the box is drawn out from the centerline of the board and then guide rails are placed around the box. The base of the router will guided by the rails keeping the bit from Dad's old trusty router inside of the box that you have drawn.

From there it is just a matter of getting the hole for the box done. I tilted the router when entering the cut so it eases into the wood on an angle until you have a good hole. The depth of the bit I kept at an eighth of an inch or so just so I don't burn the wood or epoxy. Here is what it looks like finished...

What was done next is that the fin is put in the box prior to expoxing it into the hole. This is so you can tell by whatever means that you have that the fin is at a 90 degree angle to the boards hull. Tape off the area around the hole so that you don't make a mess. Layer fiberglass in the hole and wet it with epoxy. With the hole and the glass all wet, set in the fin. Use masking tape and strap the fin from the top to the rails of the board to keep it straight like you want it. Pull down on it if you have to press down on the glass a bit. Hopefully you won't need to. don't stress this step, it's actually not that tough. Just make sure it is straight up and down or that baby will hum in the water and attract those big breaching great white sharks!!! Get your cool uncle to help you get a second opinion on its perpendicularity.

When it is dry, pull off your tape and sand it all flush. I used the orbital for most. I also didn't do my last hot coat. If you noticed the whole hull was sanded and ready for another hot coat. I taped off the finbox and left the edges exposed so I could cover them with epoxy in hence strengthening it and making it look better.

Annies Ravioli time. I need something to go with this beer!

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