Thursday, March 3, 2011

The next Boat Show 9/10/2010

The next boat show was the next weekend. It was in Toms River, NJ on Sept. 10, 2010. It was a classic boat and classic car show and man did I ever try and pair up my boards with some of those Woodies! No bites though! In order to showcase the boards better and keep them from getting dinged up I stole a design from George Kerr at Sedge Island Skiffs (Gorgeous boats by the way check him out at and built these racks from 3/4 plywood and some green flag material overtop pipe insulation.

The Rainstick was done in 2007 but I was never happy with the finish. Finally, I found Epiphanes Varnish and fell in love with it. The Rainstick got two coats before the show. But it takes a good 36 hours to cure and was a little gooey in the sun at the show. LOL you live and learn.

Love it's color!!!!

There is my Pop manning the fort while I go and browse.

A nice shot of the rainstick and the wormhole. I really like the yellow from the varnish on the rainstick. I'm curious what it would look like on the wormhole!!!

OK, that is it for these boards! I hope that you all liked reading about them. Not only does this blog keep things straight in my head, but I hope that it helps, or inspires or just entertains some of you along the way! Next up is details on my Dad's canoe and maybe along with that, my next board which will be a ten foot "Log" called Waterlog from Grain Surfboards. Good guys at Grain. Check them out if you can. They are also in the Chesapeake Light Craft catalog as well. Later Skaters!

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