Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Save worthy of Cliff Lee 2/26-2/27/2010

*Express Yourself* on XPN. Groovin tune...

So like I said in the last post, I totally fecked up the deck and had to sand that shite off. I went to my friend Brian Gagliana at Greenlight Surf Supply and grabbed more epoxy and more glass and did it over. This is what it looked like after glassing two layers of S-glass on the deck. If you look hard you can see the haze down the center, but that is going to be one "tuff as nails" board if I ever knew one! I actually have the bug to get out there and do another one. I have a ten foot log kit lined up from Grain that I am going to make out of Pacific Northwest Redwood. MMMM HMMMMMM!

After the deck dried, I flipped her over exposing her belly and sanding the laps down from the deck layers of glass. The orbital is totally cool doing this. Melted away the excess glass like butter and the next step was to hot coat the glass with more epoxy. I'm not sure if I sanded much in between these coats. I'd have to check my notes, but you risk sanding through the fibers in essence weakening the board.

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