Thursday, March 3, 2011

THEE Mistake 8/25/2010

With the laps of fiberglass from the hull on the deck sanded down flush I went ahead and layed down two layers of S-glass down over the deck and went through the process of glassing the deck. Prepping the job and the job probably took 5 hours or so. I had no idea of the horror I would see the next day as I had anticipated that I would just be doing my hot coats of epoxy at this time.

Here is a result of the epoxy at the laps from the hull on the rails of the deck. Wetting out the epoxy on the hull the day before, the epoxy starts to set a little by time I get to the rails, at this point, the epoxy still wets the glass and it still adheres, but it is more viscous and my guess does not penetrate the wood as deep as fresh epoxy does leaving this "Ghost City Skyline" look on the rails. My heart sunk into my stomach. It looked terrible. It looked so bad that I had to take a belt sander to the board which was a grueling task indeed. And then, in another mistake, I didn't take out the middle section because it was taking too long to sand off. To my dismay, that center line about 8 inches wide running down the center of the deck clouded up later under my next coat of epoxy and fiber glass. I shake my head while I write this right now. It still kills me. I so fukked up this board. But it is passable as a surfboard, probably only because of the shape of the frame that Grain provided. To this day, it still kills me. No one at the boat shows noticed it, but I did.

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