Thursday, March 3, 2011

Left You Hanging

I left you guys hanging with "The Wormhole" project pics and descriptions. Totally my "bad". It was a very busy time trying to finish up that board and get it, and it's older sister ready for the boat show that weekend. I am, over the next few days going to try and catch up on those pictures so that I can get to the pictures of the Canoe that my Dad is building downstairs. We have gotten over most of the hurdles of setting it up for stripping and I think the rest of the project will fly by pretty quick. Stripping is the most interesting part. The work leading up to stripping is really the most important part and is pretty much a pain in the azz. But the whole thing has to be level and straight because we are working off of a center line and it's all got to be 90 degrees or parallel working from it. So yeah, lots of eyeballing and making sure it's all in line or the canoe might just go in circles! A'ight, let me get to the surfboard. Have a nice night blogosphereites.

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