Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hot Coats!!! 8/28/2010

*Pearl Jam* Jammin on XPN!!!!

Shite, you can see some of the problems of epoxy when it comes in contact with dust or wax or whatever. Too much heat. So many variables can make it do what you see there. Some call it "orange peeling" of the epoxy, I call it lemon peeling because it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. To tell the truth I don't know what caused this. I do know that it makes things much harder when you have to sand heavily between layers!!!

The deck looks pretty good here. I didn't get any peeling on this layer. I tape off half way up the rail all the way around the board, that way if drips start, they start on the tape and the area above the tape is mostly smooth. Pull the tape off about an hour into the drying so that you can get the tape off otherwise you will find yourself with a razor knife sweating and praying that you don't leave gouges in the glass leaving marks. That sucks so you gotta make time to be around to pull that tape off or your day will get much worse.

I took several pics of the only design that I put on the board with colored pencils. The best pic was in the shadow of my arm. The design faded in the sun. The epoxy was supposed to have UV protection in it. I don't believe that it does. I may have to go in and make a design with some permanent markers or paint and cover them with super clear box tape and give it another hot coat. maybe........

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