Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sanding the Surfboard "Wormhole" August 24, 2010

Utencils employed in hand sanding look like these! The one that I used the most was the red one. I got it from Woodcraft or Ebay for 20 bucks. It was well worth the money. I did cheat and use power sanders to take down most of the wood because hand sanding proved to be wicked long and really difficult to take off a lot of meat. When I finally got to a point to switch to hand sanding the wood, the red one was the only one that worked well. The smaller foam one was excellent for sanding and polishing the epoxy layers later on and the larger foam one was a waste of money. That one would only be good to use on foam surfboards, it's too flimsy.

This picture shows 3 mistakes that were made along the way. In the second plank from the left, you can see the split in the wood from when I originally glued the deck on to the frames. Just to the right of that you can see a line where I sanded through on the nose around that curve and on the tip of the center planke is a huge spot that I sanded through. I simply filled them with epoxy and sanded more and they were hardly noticeable in the end.

In some of the previous posts you saw the tailblock mounted on all large and clumsy, but after a lot of power and hand sanding this was the final result for the tail. I'm pretty happy with the result and next go around I am going to spend some time making nice designs in the wood. I kind of liked how I faded the colors light to dark in this one. I was really happy with how crisp I had gotten that line where it meets the planks.

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