Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 110, Stoudts Fat Dog Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Hey do gooders,

Tonight's fare is part of Stoudts Week and is considered an American Double / Imperial Stout.  This style takes its origins after the Russian Imperial Stouts that the English tried to cajole the Russian Czars with on the way back clock.  This style can be higher ABV, roastier, sweeter, hoppier and use such adjuncts as coffee, chocolate, or in this case, oatmeal.  Like Texans, Americans in general like this beer big!  So what do you say that we give this Fat Dog a try?
This beer looks as good as it tastes and smells!  Black with a hint of brown showing through and poured vigorously from the bottle gave it a full three finger brown head that lasts as a full cap leaving nice sticky brontosaurus looking lacing on the glass.  Kewl!

The aroma is roasted and sweet with some dark prunes and bready notes.

The taste is phenomenal and complex.  It starts off caramel malty and sweet with hints of milk chocolate, vanilla and moves back towards slight breadiness (oats?) then some earthy hops and finishes with a licorice hint that numbs the tongue for a short period of time.  It's pretty balanced!

The mouthfeel is carbonation hot at the very beginning then becomes creamy smooth.  The body is moderate to full, just a tad on the thin side.  There is a mildly dry and numbing feeling and finally a slick coat on the tongue.

Overall I would have to agree with many judges of this beer who called it exceptional!  The alcohol is hidden well and really is only apparent to me with the tongue numbing and a slight warming.  The body is just a tad, I mean a tiny bit, light,  which is a blessing if you want to drink 2 or 3 of these puppies!  The flavours are interestingly complex and evolve as the beer warms.  A solid 4.25 or higher out of 5 for this doe-gee!

I hope you gleen some insight off of reading this article and it inspires you to get out there and stop swilling cheap beer!  Live a little!  Splurge!  Open your mind and senses!  Enjoy life!


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