Monday, May 20, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 119, Deschutes Black Butte Porter

Hi everyone!

Tonight I was at the Craft Beer Store and found me some of my favorite beer from whence I liveth on the west coast!  I have many a fond memory of drinking this beer in abundance, uhhh, I mean that because I was in Oregon that the supply of this beer was abundant!  Let's not confuse that with me imbibing in overabundance.  That almost NEVER happened!  Well, I'm 90% positive that it almost never happened.

Anyhoo, this baby is an American Porter which is a reincarnation of the English Style porters but like all things American, go "murrica", it has been improved on!  Well, in this case she has been!
Ah, east meets west.  PBC and Deschutes.  I could see a collaboration there!

I poured this black beaut-y at about 55 degrees F into a standard pint and she poured such a lovely dark brown to black with a full one finger creamy khaki head that lasts as a thick ring and thin cap and leaves leopard skin lacing on the glass.  SEXY!

I'm not even going to read what those folks on BA are saying.  The first guy on there mentions strong citrus.  LOL

Sorry, I don't smell any citrus but what I do smell is roasted and chocolate malts with hints of vanilla, a bready yeast and some hop acidity.  It's freaking brilliant!  As a matter of fact, I take that back, after sounding like an ass in lambasting the citrus comment, one could make out that hop acidity as that!  I'm a turd.

I taste heaven in a glass.  Toasted chocolate malts and vanilla dance with a very mild wood smoke flavor and bready yeastness and finish finally with a mild and earthy dry hop taste that begs your elbow to again bend and bring that glass to your lips, your tongue and drink in this black beauty.

Now let me talk about how sweet her body is!  She is a medium to full bodied beer thinner than some but with creamy sweet hips making her much easier to drink than some that would kill you with candy and she has kept a bit of the dry sense of English humor as an homage.  I'm in love.  Playful yet not bubbly, what else could you want in a dark lady like her?

I had to excuse myself for a minute there and have a cigarette.  Overall, I would recommend her to everyone,  but would be totally jealous and want to keep her for my own as she is a world class beauty!  Solid and dependable.  I have missed my Black Butte-y!

I hope this makes you guys and girls want to get out there and try a new beer because it can be so enlightening!


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