Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Year Of Craft Beer, Vol. 113, Stoudts Pils

Hello everyone!

On this fine Mother's Day which was started in Philadelphia by Anna Jarvis and first observed in 1908 and supported by John Wanamaker which sort of makes sense as he wanted to sell something.  LOL

Anyway, tonight is my last night of Stouts week and I am ending it with a really nice pilsner.  The German style pilsner was first brewed in Bohemia and this lager is fairly hoppy for a lager with a rich head and good lacing.

I am very glad that I opened this beer tonight as I was about to skip the blog as I'm pretty tired.  OMG this is a good pilsner!

It poured from the bottle a clear golden straw color with a nice white one finger head consisting of tiny bubbles and leaves a bunch of ancient African art stick figures on the side of the glass for lacing!  COOOOL!

I was hit with an aroma of both sweet pale malt, earthy hops and white bread!  YUM!

The flavour is pretty much the same way.  It starts of pale malty sweet and releases some mild fruity notes as it moves across your tongue mixing with some bread then finally letting loose some really mild earthy and piney hops ending only mildly dry and peppery.  WOW!

The mouthfeel is light creamy sweet moderate body and a bit of carbonation at first.

Overall I am going to say that this is my new favorite pilsner.  It's really good and I highly recommend it to anyone!  5 out of 5!  World Class!

You gotta try this beer.  Put it on your bucket list!


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