Friday, May 24, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol 122, Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA

Hi everyone,

I have to apologize for missing last night.  Something told me that I just needed to hit the hay early last night so basically after a walk with my dad I watched TV and went to bed and it was well worth it!  I needed that!

Tonight I am drinking another beer from Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon.  I tell you, this brewery was a favorite of mine if you dial back the way back clock.  Since I had moved to Philly I had none of their beer but now distribution has opened up for them and here we have another exceptional beer from them!  It is soon becoming my favorite brewery!  I mean it!  This beer is incredible!

This beer is considered a Belgian IPA and is somewhat considered a new style.  It's a cross between a belgian tripel maybe? and an IPA.  Basically it is finished off with a belgian yeast making it a bit dry as well as lending some fruitiness to the aroma.  It's light in color but malty as all get out.  The head is supposed to be full and lacing light.  American hops are employed giving it citrusy and floral notes.  I am in love with this style!  ABV (alcohol by volume) is usually 6 to 12 percent.

I poured this beer at 45 degrees into a tulip glass from the bottle.  

It pours a full straw color, hazy with a white one finger head that fades to a ring with a little center cap and has light lacing.

The aroma will tantalize your love of citrus.  Most notable is the Belgian yeast when it's cold and then notes of lemon, sweet pale malts, floral notes from the hops and some breadiness come out as it warms.

This being called an IPA may mislead you.  If you are after over the top hop then this is not it.  Just a warning.  It is, however, very Belgian witbier-like with Pacific Northwest hops for mild bittering and aroma.  I get honey from the pale malts and a big lemon taste out of it the most.  Hints of spice from coriander are mild and the wheat provides a really creamy feel to it.  There is only mild hop bitterness  along the ride and not any more overpowering at the end than the beginning but they are floral.  The finish is interesting and dry.  Well Done!

The mouthfeel is definitely creamy and mildly sweet and fuller than you would think for a beer this pale!  Carbonation is lively and lends to the peppery dry finish well.

Overall I think this beer is incredible!  It may be lacking on the IPA front a bit and calling it an IPA may lose it some points in judging, but seeing that this is a fairly new style I think you have to be a little open minded in judging it.  It gets a solid 4 out of 5 from me!  So it's lacking a little in the hop department, and lacking a little head as well as the high alcohol content coming in just below 6.  Those are the only bad points, if you can call them that.

You won't know about this beer unless you really get out there and make an effort to try something new and I hope you do because beer is no longer bitter and nasty.  It offers more complexity and infinite styles and tastes as well as pairs surprisingly well with ALL foods and ALL desserts!  Try a beer and food pairing.  You won't go back!


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