Friday, June 15, 2012

Bleeding Gums Murphy Trial (Wiss Brau Homebrew)

Ten days into the bottle conditioning.  Very young.  WIN

 Carbonated. Nice POP when bottle opened. Tastes as many new homebrews taste when so young. DELISH! Two weeks more and those bittering hops will mellow. Just a tad young. Aroma of coriander and ginger. A bit of a sorghum bite to it. Not unpleasant, but definitely apparent. Hops exacerbate sorghum bitterness slightly, but will mellow. Very clear and pale in appearance. It's quite cider like without apple tartness. At the bottom of the glass it is still appealing. Put this baby in your fridge July 3 and have it on the 4th! WIN


Vis said...

Tryin to reach ...number no good

Sean Null said...

If it was 3D would that freak you out even more? LOL