Sunday, June 24, 2012

Glassing the Hull (adventures in epoxy)

More Beer Tastings!
Goose Island Nut Brown:
Fantastic!  This is one tasty nut brown from Chicago!  This is a new favorite!
It lives up to everything it says on the bottle.  Rich Dark Malts. Notes of chocolate, honey and caramel.  Smooth and delicious!  I give this beer a TEN!
I had this last night after my posting on here.
 Bel Haven Scottish Ale.  Kind of reminiscent of Newcastle in that it has that skunk aroma. Hey, they put it in a clear bottle.  They must be looking for that flavor.  I would actually prefer to try this on tap because I think it would be much better non-skunky.  Not that it was bad, but I guess some folks like that in a beer.  Otherwise it had great drinkability!
 And for tonight's beer....Anchor Steam Breckles Brown.
OMG, this is quite a good beer from Anchor Steam.  I have a romatic love of Anchor Steam.  I don't know why, they just attract me.  It's the name, the aura...
This is a perfect brown.  Not as creamy as that Goose Island Nut brown, but more like a pure brown but using citra hops.  It is dedicated to their first brewmaster and perhaps that lends to my historical attraction to Anchor Steam.  This beer gets a TEN from me as well.  I think I'm a brown head.

And now to the surfboard.  The epoxy, she is not playing nice.  I am plagued by bubbles and pits.  I have one hot coat on the deck (that is the coat after the lamination and fill coats that is supposed to be the final finish coat) and I still have some major bubbles and pits.  Not as bad.  I have to have a decent finish coat on there tonight so at 11 PM I got to go and put another on and what happens happens.  I will sand like the Devil.

The fin is coming along.  I don't think I will have it laminated for the show.  I would like to, and maybe I will, but I am not going to worry about it.  I will stick it in place with bubble gum!

More pics!
The fin is coming along.  I have both sides done now and she is ready to be sanded!  Yay!
 My inscription blurred...
 The lamination coat always looks so promising!  Love it!
 Bow view of the deck lamination coat...
 Logo looks good.  Notice mini craters?
 Mega mini craters.  Worst section along the rail.  Next go around I am going to smother them in epoxy!!!!
 Not very smooth, but that is what sand paper is for!
 I knew I was going to have to sand so this really is NOT so bad.  I am an excellent sander and polisher!  It's just elbow grease!  I pray to Gaia that I will be finished by Wednesday night!
Send out those good vibes!  Later!


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