Thursday, June 14, 2012

Piney Nose and Tail Blocks, and Leashplug


Hi everyone!

I miss YROCK on XPN!  When they get that back, maybe I will donate them some moulah!  I should anyway, I have a budget to uphold right now though.

Gluten Free cereal rant:  WHY the EFF does Chex feel it necessary to add BHT to their diabetes gluten free cereals now?  What, all that sugar wasn't bad enough?  So now you  have to add toluene to your cereal.  FAIL!  No more Chex.

Today started off rough.  I didn't actually put my hands to wood until well after noon.  But by the time I am writing this, I got a good bit done prepping the board for gluing the deck on hopefully tomorrow as well as some gardening duties.  I had a few plants to get into the ground still.  Success. 

I planed the rails down flush on the "Piney" to accept the deck.  Basically the cove and bead rails needed to be planed down almost level with the cross frames so that when I lay the deck on it lays flat and there are no massive gaps between the deck and the frames.  There will be gaps as the frames are not flush in every spot, but I don't really care.  I don't think it will be an issue.  5200 is bulletproof and will fill those gaps and heck, maybe provide a little flex.  This deck and this hull are going to be about 1/8" thick when I am done and I am digging that.  The board will weigh less.

{{Joe Walsh, Analog Man.  I like this album...I said album}}

Below is leash plug and the spacer/washer that I fashioned from a scrap piece of mohagany.  The spacer serves two functions.  First off it acts as an an offset for the leashplug itself and allows for the face of the plug to be countersunk into the deck so I can still shape the wood on top and not hit the plug.  Second it lends support to the leashplug when a ton of tension is placed on it when I am on one side of the wave and the board is on the other dragging my fat arse back to get sucked over the falls.  Hopefully the plug won't get ripped out of the board this way.  I think it is a better design than the alternative.

 Testing it in place before I epoxy it.  Because I planed about 1/16" on the shown underside of the deck so it was nice and flat for fitting on the frames the plug is centered on this side of the deck but is NOT on the topside of the deck because of the fact that I used cove and bead joints instead of flat butt joints.  What I am hoping is that when I take about 1/16" off the top of the deck it will be once again centered.  One can only hope.
 Pressed into place with epoxy and a "C" clamp.
 The spot that I cut out where the leashplug configuration will sit.  If you look at the striped wood strips on the rails you can see that I planed them flat.  Not the best picture I know.  I apologize for not taking a better pic of the planing.
 I clamped up the tail block with scraps that I had laying around from the board with the two outermost pieces being the hardest woods; mohagany and oak.  These will take dings better.
 Ten dollars to the person who can correctly count all the clamps used in this picture!
Have a great night everyone and have a most excellent weekend!

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