Friday, June 1, 2012

Chesty Dirty Blonde Homebrew

{{The Cool Out, The Clash}}
{{They nail dub versions of songs so well}}

5.0 lbs. Light Roast Chestnuts
3.5 tsp Amylase powder (pretty sure it's a combo of alpha and beta amylase)
2.0 tsp Pectinase
2 hour boil in grain sock
24 hour mash with enzymes added at 155F
No Sparge to leave fats on top of grain bed
60 minutes:  0.5 oz. Fuggles
45 minutes:  0.5 oz. Fuggles
30 minutes:  0.5 oz. Kent Goldings
15 minutes:  3 whirfloc tablets
                     2 tsp. Irish Moss
Sugar Solution: 4 lb. Demerara Sugar
                          3 oz. Clover Honey
                          5 oz. Maltodextrin
                          0.7 oz. Valencia Orange Peel
                          0.4 oz. Coriander seed ground
                          1 gallon heated tap water
10 minutes:  0.5 oz. Kent Goldings
Pitch 1 oz Danstar Lallemand Nottingham in 400 ml Dark Chestnut Wort yeast starter from day before.

Yeast Starter

24 Hour Mash

Don't Sparge that Funk!

Cool it Blondie!  Damn Hot Belgians!

This B!tch is too hot!  Gimme some ice!
Well 10PM is my cut off time.  It's homebrew time!  Chris, sorry man, I'm drinking that Mocha Maryann since you can't take it back with you to South Carolina.  She's well bubbly now!

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