Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Canoe is Finished! Surfboard, not so much...close

Hey all.  I got fiberglass in my arms.  I can feel it as I type on the laptop.  No worries, I have a Sammy Adams Cherry Wheat Ale.  I was never one for fruity beers, but this one is a WIN!  Reminds me of Frank's Black Cherry Wishniak!

So the canoe is totally ready for the boat show!  YAY!  I have a few pics, not the best because I didn't have much time.  The bulk of the pics will be taken at the boat show.  I'm so stoked!

The surfboard is rough sanded and the fin is on!  That means that all I have to do now is sand out all the scratches, polish it and she is ready as well!  Well, around 130 AM I have to go out and apply more epoxy to the fin.  I'm pretty beat.  This has been a mega challenge and I'm glad I succeeded!  I didn't think that I would get the fin on in time, but thanks to my Milwaukee sander I was able to cut a few corners time wise.  I would have never gotten it finished in time hand sanding it.

Anyway,  here are some pics!


p.s.  VIS!  where the heck are you?  new phone number or summat?  Tried callin.  Anyway, boat show is thursday thru tuesday.  See you after!  Lates!

My uncle the brass man made the trident and did one hell of a job polishing that brass eyelet too!

 YO CORK!  Nice boat dude!

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