Monday, June 18, 2012

Dentures for the Piney

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was fathers day so we varnished in the AM for a little then spent the rest of the day chill-laxin.  I BB-Qed up a bounty for the Old Man and everyone and had a blast watching Pawn Stars.

Today I removed the clamps from the Piney while my Dad put the seats into the canoe.  Kindred Spirit is looking great now!

After I removed the clamps I busted out the Festool Planer and went to town on the deck.  With a brief interlude of lunch at Tijuana Flats with my good friend Bobby Holmes I then went back to planing the board.  I wanted to get a rough idea of the shape of the rails at the nose and tail so I could get ready to glue the nose and tail blocks on.  So I focused on a rough shaping of the deck starting with the Festool planer, then the hand plane and finally some sanding.  While moving the board around I noticed a rattling inside.  
***Note To Self***  Tack down those shims on the frames!

Using some geometry I drew out where I wanted to cut for the Nose Block and proceded with various tools to get it good.  The Japanese pull saw to cut the straight lines, and the Jig saw to cut the curve.  I went wide with the curve cut and then touched it up with ye olde metal grinder.  It gets in places most other tools cannot.  Why not use it?  To fine tune the curve I used a small wood block and sand paper to get a nice crisp line.  It was a very time consuming process.  About 3 hours.

Here is the board fresh from off the clamps.
Yuck Mouth!

 Some rudimentary planing.
 My surfboard is going to have a nice smile.
First I had to shape the dentures,
then I had to draw it out on the board.
Finally I did the cut out.
 No more yuck mouth!

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