Friday, June 1, 2012

Brass Tridents for Kindred Spirit Canoe

{{1977, Super Black Market Clash}}

Bloggo world,  what it is!   What it shall be!  Hope all is copacetic on your end of the net.

My Uncle has been working on his tribute to Poseidon for the canoe in the form of brass ornaments in the form of tridents for the bow and stern stem/deck innervation.   They are nice little pieces that he brazed onto the brass strip that will run vertically up either stem and cover the very tip of the deck.  I have been working on my surfboard so I didn't get to see him braze (welding brass with a brass rod and acetylene torch) the first one, but I wanna check out when he does the second one.  Here are some pics:

After cutting out the piece from some brass scrap, he trimmed it on the band saw, filed it what different small files and then brazed it to the stem pieced.  After all that he hit it up with sand paper (below).

Below you can see the trident that has been welded to the vertical brass stem strip and taped in place.
Top view:
  It will get a screw directly in the middle of the trident and the stem piece will get brass screws every 5 inches along it.

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