Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 12. Victory Baltic Porter

Wow!  Malty!

And that is my review.  Goodnight!

Nah, just kidding!  I'll add this: This beer is so good that I decided to cook with it!  I'm doing an omelet with spinach and a chicken jamaican jerk sausage and decided to fry the sausage with the beer!  Love glazing beer onto sausage! And man, this beer makes one hell of a glaze in the frying pan.  OMG  Beer candy!

OK, this is the second time that I have tried this beer and I am so glad that I revisited it!  Of course the huge bottle is to my liking!  (less bottles to cap when brewing)

It pours, you smell her sweet abundance, you make a double take like there are pheromones in this beer.  She is delicious!  You drink her in.  You have to.  There is no turning back.  She will treat you with respect in the morning, but she is going to make a whore out of you tonight!  She is going to make you want to come back for more.  Not because you weren't satisfied, but because she is so sweet and has a huge malty back end!  You know you like those big dark malty backsides.  Don't deny it!

Her color is somewhere between dark caramel and milk chocolate and her complexion is as clear as the wind in an Alberta Clipper.

And she wears only the finest delicate lace against her full figured dark caramel body.  Oh Black Betty!

She's not bitter, NO!  You purchased her, but she's not bitter at all!  In fact, I bet she likes the noblest of hops!  She could never leave a bad taste in your mouth!

I give her a 9 ONLY because I like my dark girls more sultry and not overly sweet!

OK, the omelet.  Well this is it in the process of being an omelet.  The engredients are:

3/4 Dietz and Watson Chicken Jamaican Jerk sausage browned and then glazed with 3 tbsp Baltic Porter on both sides.

Add 1/4 cup frozen spinach to the fry pan, fry 3 minutes on medium

Add 1/4 cup smoked gouda cheese, fry 5 minutes medium

Add 1 cup egg whites and 2tbsp Baltic porter (either to a different pan or clean this pan first, it will stick and not flip over well)

Brown to your liking, serve.

This turned out really really well.  All the engriedients seem to be at odds with each other if tasted separately but when combined all together, the smoke from the gouda, the beer, and the sausage (even though jamaican jerk) all congeal into a fantastic omelet!

Happy Saturday!  Be kind to your dark lovely tonight!


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