Monday, January 28, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 28, Weyerbacher Merry Monks' Ale

I'm going to have to say that this is a world class beer!  This is a Belgian Trippel.  Basically, three times the normal amount of malt are used making this a high % alcohol beer.

Look at how clear that is when poured at 57 degrees F!  You can see the individual bubbles rising.

Weyerbacher gets points for the bottle and the cap is wicked cool too (no picture, sorry).

The beer poured a golden straw color with a thin white head that is lasting throughout my drink leaving a beautiful diamond lacing pattern on the glass.  Phenominal!

The Belgian yeast being used gives the beer a prominent banana aroma and what they call ester-like.  Ester is a difficult smell to describe to you.  Imagine a bubble gum smelling Witch Hazel or nail polish remover, but don't imagine it anywhere near that strong!  It's a thousand times more mild than that, but similar in that it is aromatic (when the molecules come in contact with air, they disperse vigorously and expand).  Being that I served this beer on the warm side, the aromatic tendencies are increased and so is the flavor!

The banana flavor is most prominent amoungst the malty sweetness (this is a beer after all, it's not like a banana milkshake or anything, its a really fine beer with a hint of banana).  There are hops in this beer, but they are definitely hiding in the sweetness and the slight alcohol zing.  The alcohol is noticeable and the hops are as well, but only very slightly and the beer finishes with an almost grassy sweetness (ever chewed on a sweet stalk of grass that you picked alongside a road or trail?).  This beer is that good!

Cabonation is delightfully mellow yet noticeable.  Mouthfeel is mellow and sweet and the finish very slightly dry from the hops and sweet from the malts.  Well done!

I haven't had La Fin Du Monde in quite some time, but this is what I remember about it and I have to tell Weyerbacher that they have turned this one up to 11!  (Guess that allusion and get a free Wiss Brau T-Shirt)

I will definitely seek this beer out as it is one of my favorite styles and it is just out of this world.  You gotta try it.  To those who aren't craft beer drinkers yet, I recommend Belgians as a great intro into the craft beer world

Weyerbacher, 11!


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