Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 30, Stoudts Revel Red

Take a gander at the color of this beer as well.
It is almost as red as Sammie's Winter Lager and just as clear, there is a lot of humidity tonight so the glass has condensation on it.

It's an American Amber Ale that was included in Scoats's 24 Beers of Christmas Case.  It's an ale that is not quite as dark as a brown, porter, etc...

The bottle is a WIN!  Thanks Stoudts for helping out the homebrewer!

The beer pours a definite reddish amber is crystal clear.  I poured it at 45 degrees so condensation formed on the glass.  The head is an amber white with a thin cap and ring around the glass.  The lacing from the foam is nice, not super nice, but nice for being so thin.

Aromas that come through are a bready malt and very mellow citrus hop.

The flavor is about the same.  Malt is most prominent and balanced well with a mild to medium hoppy bitter finishing hoppy, then sweet, then dry hoppy.  It's pretty straightforward and nice.

I'd have to say the mouthfeel is light to mid range with a sweet malty body and well carbonated to keep it crisp and hoppy, but not overly so.  Well balanced and very drinkable.

I like this beer a lot!  It's something that I could session with and not get over malted or over hopped.  It's refreshing and somewhat light.

I'm going to give it an 8 just because it seems like the finish leaves me wanting something.  Another sip!  It's just a little light, but I really like it that way, so 8.5!  

I love it!  I hope you get to try it and find out for yourself!  I would definitely seek this one out again!

Thanks everyone!  Have a great night!


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