Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 9, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale 2012

Words almost cannot describe this beer, well, yes they can.  It's not super complex of a beer, maybe the amount of different hops might be complex, but this is one hell of a straightforward IPA.

Awesome reusable bottle.  Points there for homebrewing!  Attractive too!

The beer pours nice and has a beautiful clear coppery colour.  There was sediment so I'm not sure if this is bottle conditioned or not.  The head is a perfect 1/4 inch on the pour and stays 1/8th throughout drinking with definite lacing on the glass.  It's quite perfect!

While drinking you definitely get hops right up front and it has a great feel in the mouth.  Malts come through after the hops (which are soooooo fresh tasting) and mellow the flavour a bit, but it is mostly a hoppy beer like an IPA is supposed to be.

I'm getting a warm feeling from the alcohol but it is not noticeable on the tongue.  The medium carbonation may add to that a bit.

I freaking love this beer!  I'm not an IPA fan and would not drink them all night if given the opportunity to mix it up, but this beer would change that.  What I don't like most about IPA's is the dry, bitter aftertaste but this beer leaves me with a sweet bitter aftertaste that is nothing but pleasant.

Yet this is another 10 chosen by Scoats for the 24 Beers of Christmas case that he put together for us this fall.  Cheers on this choice Scoats because this may just very well be my favourite IPA so far!

If you all can get your hands on this beer, give it a try!  I can't wait to see what it tastes like next year after I cellar it!

Have a great night everyone!



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Scoats said...

Sierra bottles conditions all their beers. In fact, they were the first to can condition beer and all of their cans undergo a secondary fermentation as well.

IPA extremists tell me this beer is not an IPA.