Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 23, Full Pint Brewing Co. FESTIVUS

It's no feat of strength to power down one of these tasty holiday treats!

This is a good local beer!  A brown ale very lightly spiced with vanilla, cinnamon and mace.  Super mild simcoe hops.

This is a great bottle to re-use!  The label is pretty festive... and coated with plastic so it may be a pain in the ass to remove, but I don't bother removing them anymore.  Although it IS nice to be able to see the sediment when pouring.  There is sediment in this beer but that is no surprise to the craft beer drinker.

This beer pours a very deep red brown.  It's a beautiful color.  The head starts out as a thin off - white to tan covering the beer at the pour and then to a nice ring as you drink it.  It laces a little on the glass and is generally nice.

The aroma is of malt and vanilla with a nice mildly floral hop note.  I love it!  And it tastes pretty much the same!  First and foremost is the malt, mildly roasted.  Mixed with the malt is the vanilla which almost produces a caramel taste.  At the end is the cinnamon if you look for it in simcoe hop bitter which is carried along for the whole ride, start to finish and then some slightly after finish where it almost becomes floral and peppery.  So very nice!  There is a lot going on in this beer!

Mouthfeel is smooth and on it's way to creamy but the body is only medium and that kind of holds the creaminess back some.  But that is OK with me.

This beer WOWs me and gets a 9 only because I thought the body was just a hair too thin. 

I freaking love this beer and is yet another excellent choice by Scoats for the 24 Beers of Christmas case that he hooked us lucky 24 people up with.  #f@ckyeahscoats#  LOL whatever that means as I see it everywhere.  I guess it's a twitter thing.  

Anyway, I hope that you get to enjoy this beer!  I will again next year as it is in the cellar just waiting for a go around next year!

Later, y'all


At first you are going to think that this is a weird beer, then you enjoy it!

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