Monday, January 14, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 14, Gritty McDuff's Christmas Ale

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As a reader, before doing anything, look at the picture first.  This has to be one of the prettiest beers that I have ever seen!  It is a VERY dark amber and with light behind it, holy cripe,  I can't explain it.  It's just freaking awesome.  If I had to liken it to anything it would be a similar to a deep red agate beach stone found in Oregon if polished to a mega shine.

I'm going to go steal some ideas from Beer Advocate about this one as I am not sure of it's style.  I don't think it is a winter warmer.

OK,  I learned enough just reading what the brewer wrote about it.

So,  I was correct, it's an ESB, or Extra Special Bitter (don't let that name fool you, ESBs are not always bitter or super bitter but quite appealing, especially to those who enjoy an English Ale, like me!)

So let's get down to the nitty on Gritty.  The Bottle.  FAIL.  Dudes, you are from Maine!  You should know the usefulness of the crimp top bottle to the homebrewer!  For shame!  Well, since I love your beer, I will let you slide and maybe only take off a half a point from my personal 1 to 10 scale of beer deliciousness.  Great beard on Santa though, so you get that fraction of a point back.

The beer pours dark red and amber with a thin tan head of tiny bubbles that seductively lace as you tilt the glass to your mouth.  The head fizzles out some by the end but remains.

Nice malt aroma with a hint of corn.  Very mild hoppy spiciness. Maybe a bit of roasty.

The beer tastes fantastic!  The medium carbonation makes way to the malty sweetness of amber malts (I didn't steal that line, honest) and a light caramel/corn as it rolls over your tongue and finally to be replaced by a variety of mild hop flavors and light roasty note.  She does stay bitter on the back of your tongue, but just keep drinking and replace that with all the malty hoppy goodness!

You know, when I opened the beer and saw that it was a screw top I was apprehensive, but there is no reason to be so!  

I am giving this beer a 9.5 only because the slight corn aroma and taste stirs my conspiracy theory mind into thinking that the world of brewing is out to get me by brewing with cheap ingredients like that of the day of Schmidts.  Or it could possibly be that I am so sick of corn because of how much I eat in my diet due to mild celiacs disease.  Truthfully, I may even be misnaming this smell and taste.  

All that aside,  I was WOWED by this beer and would definitely seek this out in the future so the bottle goes on my shelf!

Have a great day tomorrow everyone!


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