Thursday, January 3, 2013

Anchor "Our Special Ale" Turkey Stew

I'm hijacking my pictures from last night's post to recap on the stew that I made with Anchor's Christmas ale.

Before I get into that, I tapped into BeerAdvocate to see what other people were saying about it and I wasn't that far off.  I'm not as good as picking up peppery, pine, and other flavors off the top without a hint that they are in there so from now on I'm going to research the beer a little before I dive in.

Back to the stew:   8 qt.? CROCKPOT

In the recipe I used one bottle of Anchor 2012 "Our Special Ale" which is different every year but is classed as a Winter Warmer beer so there are probably others that you can substitute for it in the class.  Lots of folks said the spices in the beer were overpowering, but I have had some that were much stronger, they might work in this recipe as well.

All in all, the stew came out excellent.  Not perfect.  I can see where it was going, but I slacked on the veggie broth boullion goop from Herb Ox.  If that was doubled, BINGO!  I can definitely taste the beer but as it has the sweet Christmas spices flavors, these match really well with the sweet potatoe in the recipe.  It was a light broth low in salt which is best.  You can always salt to taste later.


One pound bag celery, bottom removed, leaves removed, chopped.
1/2 cup green onion,  roots removed (I usually don't like the white bulb at the bottom, but this needs it),  chopped.
One medium sweet potatoe peeled and diced (1")
14 small white potatoes, halved or whole, skin on.
One pound cut carrots
One 3 lb. turkey breast leftover (which was previously frozen) 
Two Herb Ox  Vegetable Broth bullion goop cup things
Two cups water
One teaspoon Bells poultry seasoning

Heat 2 cups water and add the Herb OX Veggie broth, Bells Seasoning
Layer Crockpot with carrots on bottom
Add leftover frozen Turkey breast
Add all potatoes and celery
Pour Veggie broth mix over stew
Top with green onion
Pour one 12oz. Anchor Christmas Ale over stew.

Since the breast is frozen I would cook this on low for 6 hours.  I cooked mine for 10 hours and all was fine, maybe a little overcooked.

Serve to people who are tired of turkey leftovers and they will thank you!

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