Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 6, Atwater Vanilla Java Porter and Estrella Damm Daura (gluten free beer)

Ok tonights craft beer critique is coming to you after the fact, once again.  Which will probably be the norm on the weekends.  Being that I have already drank them and they are not in front of me, this is a lame deal, but it is good for me to recall what I thought of them.  Maybe one day I will look into using the new app Untappd on my fone so I can truly remember them.

Atwater Vanilla Java Porter, well, I almost wet myself with this one.  Yes Alina, it looked like a milkshake!  Hell, it almost tasted like one!  On draft in a nice pint glass the aroma of vanilla soothes your nose almost right away.  For it's dark colour, it's actually mild on the palate.  Perhaps that is a function of the vanilla.  Orgasmic flavour!  Seriously, this is a TEN!  There was nothing about this beer that I disliked except that it was over too soon!  Perfect!
I was at a place called Twisted Tale to drink this lovely.  It's a nice place!  Very nice!  The staff are incredibly friendly and they gave me an "industry discount" because I am an aspiring brewer AND blogging about the beer so I will give them a shout out!  I really do like that place!  It's close to where I work on board Gazela and Jupiter too so I will probably be there again!

Next is a gluten free beer from Spain called Estrella Damm  Daura.  I am not sure what the name means as I was having a blast with a new friend and didn't want to geek out on reading into the label so I am not sure what the base is, but I am guessing mostly sorghum BUT they have managed to make this smell like a Moosehead or Heinekin and taste like a Stella Artois, which is pretty different than most sorghum based beers that I have had.  It had only the slightest hint of tasting like cider so it is up there as one that actually tastes like beer!  It was clear and refreshing and I drank like 3 of them without being VERY tired of the sorghum flavor.  For a gluten free beer this is definitely a TEN as I can also reuse the bottles for homebrew!

My nose didn't stuff up from drinking Estrella like most beer makes me do after the first one, so it's high on the list!  It may even be better than DFH Tweason Ale!  Sorry Sam.
Have a great night everyone!


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Scoats said...

They may use a centrifuge or other mechanical method to remove the gluten.