Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 5, Yuengling Lager

Yup, I consider them craft beer.  I will have to have an article on "What is Craft Beer" but if you were fortunate to try this years small batch octoberfest from them, you would say they were craft beer.

The Lager:  Basic lager.  The bottle fails the homebrewer test.  Screw top!  BAH!

Description of the lager:  Looks and tastes better than Bud.  The green bottle usually has no problems with UV skunking as it gets drunk so fast in these parts.

In fact, the below picture shows you what a refreshing tasty Yuengling Lager does to your hair after a hard day of work on the river:

Yuengling is truly refreshing when thirsty and hungry.  In the summer it's a good go-to beer at the beach or wherever beer is needed in the heat.  That's all I got tonight as I have been quite busy and need to go have a good time with friends, so Shaka!

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